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Today’s temporary tattoos: Henna tattoos are an artistic way to express yourself

Henna tattoos are a way to have an artistic temporary tattoo this summer. / Metro Creative Graphics

   Do you remember those temporary stick-on tattoos that you would get at the doctor’s or the dentist’s office when you were a kid?
They don’t last very long but they’re cool. The modern version of those is a henna tattoo, which are a simple way this summer to express your personality and originality.
Henna tattoos originated in Pakistan, India, and Africa. It started as a way to decorate their bodies without being able to wear jewelry. It was not only for the rich, either. Today, people all across the world have adopted the ancient traditions of adorning their bodies with the beautiful natural artwork created from the henna plant, according to the website, Silk & Stone,
It became a popular form of temporary body decoration in the 1990s in the U.S. and has become a growing trend ever since. Celebrities like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Yasmine Bleeth, Liv Tyler and many others proudly adorn their bodies with henna and show them off in public, movies, videos, etc.
People throughout the West have adopted the eastern tradition in their lives by having their hands and feet painted for weddings, bellies painted while in pregnancy, heads adorned with henna while going through chemotherapy, scars camouflaged to make them unnoticeable, etc., according to Silk & Stone.
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Shrimp salad a refreshing dish for summertime

Chandler Holland / Times-News correspondent

   Selecting seafood is a tangled up mess of hooks, lures and nets if ever there was one. One of the hardest choices we make when shopping at the grocery store, or even when ordering at the local diner, is selecting seafood. Finding the perfect combination of cost, variety, sustainable fishing practices and, most importantly, a healthy selection of your favorite seafood is quite a challenge.
The key is knowledge. Knowing if your seafood is farmed or wild, as well as where and how it was caught, can make a huge difference in how healthy it is for you and for the environment. Reliable and reputable resources are available online, that will help you figure out where and what kind of seafood is best for you.
The following organizations provide trustworthy guidance in helping you select safe seafood: Fish Watch U.S. Seafood Facts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at and the Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable Seafood at The Monterey Bay Aquarium publishes a printable seafood watch guide at This handy guide will fit in your wallet so you will always have easy access to this important resource.
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Rising high school seniors: Don’t be nervous

Emily Fogleman / Times-News correspondent

   With all the Alamance County high school graduations complete, the class of 2015 has officially left the school system and everyone else officially moves up a grade level. For the younger children, it seems to be just another year, but for the class of 2016, it is the start of their year as seniors.
The commencement of your final year in high school is full of lasts. Your last football game, your last pep rally, your last homecoming, your last prom, your last chance to leave your mark on the people you have known nearly your entire life. However, your last gathering with your class is in itself, a first. Your first graduation — the first transition you have in life — a transition from a child and student into an adult with choices of your own to make. Fortunately, this process is not as scary as it seems.
Graduations usually start with a welcome speech from either a high honor student or a school official. The class’ valedictorian and salutatorian give a speech, and the principal addresses the seniors. Of course, reading the names takes the longest amount of time and you have to make sure you don’t trip on the way to get your diploma. Junior read more…

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