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‘No Man’s Sky:’ The ultimate in gaming

Commentary by Jos Boswell
Times-News correspondent

   Now is an exciting time in video gaming. Everywhere you look, new and exciting games, consoles and other innovations are being developed. It seems like more and more advertisements for such games are showing up.
Perhaps one of the lesser-known but most interesting of these games is “No Man’s Sky,” made by Hello Games, as described in the game’s website,
“No Man’s Sky” is a nearly infinite exploration-survival game. You begin as a traveler stranded alone on a random planet, and it is your job to gather resources to buy or build a ship. You then travel throughout the massive procedurally generated universe, gathering resources, upgrading your ship, and eventually coming into contact with other players.
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Teens tackle Shakespearean comedy

The cast of Studio 1's "Comedy of Errors" poses for a recent photo. / Caroline Carpenter, Times-News correspondent

By Caroline Carpenter
Times-News correspondent

   Studio 1’s teen actors are performing Shakespeare’s very own “Comedy of Errors.” This brilliantly written and directed show, combined with a winsome cast, offers a refreshing and entertaining night to the Burlington community.
“When people normally think of Shakespeare, they remember a boring English class they took in high school where they were forced to read works like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Hamlet.’ This is the type of show that everyone would enjoy; it has action, heart, wit, and even a few fart jokes,” said Ben Johnson, who plays Antipholus of Ephesus.
“Comedy of Errors” lives up to its title in lending the lines that keep audiences laughing.
The play is centered on the twins Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse (played by Ben Johnson and Adrian Beck, respectively), who were separated at birth. When Antipholus of Syracuse comes to Ephesus, he is soon read more…

Yearbooks ARE worth it

Yearbooks may be expensive, but Teens & Twenties writer Emily Fogleman describes the hard work and dedication that goes into producing them. / Metro Creative Graphics

Commentary by Emily Fogleman
Times-News correspondent

   What’s a high school memento everyone likes to have, but the cost may seem monstrous and undoable? A yearbook.
Yearbooks document the year and remind people of all the good times in high school, doing their best to counteract the bad.
Lynn Bare, a yearbook adviser at Southern Alamance High School said she disagrees.
“The workload for a staff member is selling ads and designing ad layouts. They must spend time interviewing people and writing copy. They must also spend time taking pictures,” she said.
All the time, effort and creativity thrown into a yearbook should count for something in the public’s eye. It is not an easy or quick process. This effort is one reason yearbooks cost what seems like an exorbitant amount, but actually isn’t when put into numbers.
Yearbook staffs may not receive enough money to completely fund their supplies that will help produce the best yearbook possible. A camera that will take high-quality sports pictures can cost around $1,000. Computers and read more…

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