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Raleigh Dance Theatre puts pages in motion

Members of Raleigh Dance Theater warm up recently before rehearsing for its production of "Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet." / Photo by Mary LeGere

By Doria Worden
Times-News correspondent

   RALEIGH — Fancy Nancy is perhaps the most fabulous character to ever walk the pages of a children’s book. Her personality and endless troubles come to life beneath her clever stories, written by Jane O’Conner and thanks to illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser and her avid imagination.
Raleigh Dance Theatre, headed by artistic director Mary LeGere, will transform “Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet” into a beautiful ballet to be performed at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Nov. 8 and 3 p.m. Nov. 9 as a part of its annual Storybook Tales production.
Glasser is no stranger to the world of ballet. It was only after a successful career at Pennsylvania Ballet that she became an illustrator, though she dreamed of both professions from an early age.
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Horror Show haunts the senses

Original Hollywood Horror Show celebrates its 25th season this year. / Kaitlin Gillespie, Times-News correspondent

By Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondent

   SNOW CAMP — When the screams in the woods of Snow Camp start to reach their peak, there is only one explanation — the Original Hollywood Horror Show is back in full swing for the season. While all is seemingly new upon arrival, brothers Dean and Starr Jones have added some new heart-stopping additions to their already harrowing haunt.
While the villains of favored horror movies run rampant through the attraction, summoning spirits and causing patrons to scream of read more…

Clowns, certain horror films scare Teens & Twenties writers

Times-News correspondents

   With Halloween coming up on Friday, what really scares you? This question was posed to the Teens & Twenties writers and their responses are below:

   There are many things that I am scared of, but I’d say some of the biggest things are spiders, squirrels and ghost movies.

 Michaela King, senior at Burlington Christian Academy

   There are a lot of things that I’m kind of scared of, but one of the main things are clowns. I’ve seen one too many movies, I guess, but they creep me out. I’m also not a huge fan of spiders. Just keep them away from me.

Katie Farrell, senior at Graham High School

   What scares me the most are spiders. I have arachnophobia and cannot stand to see them. Their beady little eyes just seem to stare at you with hatred as they crawl on their eight legs toward you. Not to mention they lay tons of baby spiders at a time and if you step on them they scatter everywhere.

 Kaitlin Gillespie, freshman at Western Carolina University

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