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College freshmen: ‘Embrace the struggle’

Illustration by Alexis Dickerson / Times-News correspondent

Commentary by Alexis Dickerson
Times-News correspondent

   Class of 2019, as you all are settling into your first year at which ever higher institute you decided to go to, there are probably a lot of things running through your head.
There are probably a lot of eyes looking at you, from your parents, siblings, younger friends, even your whole neighborhood. After a year being in very similar shoes, here are four tips I learned from my first year in college.
1. Embrace the struggle. This is a “tip” that was told to me by one of my high school teachers (shout out to Coach Quinn) that I didn’t quite grasp until my first year in college. You will be stressed, and that is OK. Being stressed means read more…

Student of Month has ‘strong desire to change the world’

Emily Herry is Student of the Month for August, 2015. / Photo submitted

By Allison Tate
Times-News correspondent

   For most teenagers, summer is a time to relax by the pool with friends or to binge-watch entire TV series on Netflix, but Emily Herry, August’s Student of the Month, has bigger plans than that.
Emily, a freshman at Alamance Community College, spent her summer as a counselor at Camp Mundo Vista, a Christian girl’s camp right outside of Asheboro. Since her first trip to the camp, Emily was sure that she wanted to be a counselor to young girls and teach them about God.
“Camp has always been an amazing place to go as a camper and I truly love the fellowship and the feeling of being closer to God that I always get when I’m there,” Herry said.
In addition to being a camp counselor, Emily enjoys working part-time at the acting company, Teen 2 Teen Theatre in Burlington. Emily helps around the theater and is eager to participate in Student Directing, a program where a high school read more…

Now, for the not-so-official school supply list

Emily Fogleman / Photo submitted

   Commentary by Emily Fogleman
  Times-News correspondent

    Of course you need paper and pencils, binders and tab dividers, but what about the stuff no one mentions? You need these things, even if no one reminds you about them.
   1. Headphones: These tiny devices may very well save your life. Well, at least your hearing. So much goes on at school and sometimes you need to block it out. The best words that can leave a teacher’s mouth are, “You may listen to music.” Always have headphones, so you can always be equipped to do just that.
   2. Phone charger: Never leave the house without one in your car or in your bag. Some phones die quicker than others, but having that charger with you can also help you make friends. Loan it to someone if their phone is dead. You never know how much you’ll use your phone at school, so that charger is a good thing to have.
   3. Chewing gum: A pack of this makes you the supreme overlord of the school. Or at least of the classroom. Gum helps you stay awake and tastes good! Just don’t pull it out of your bag or everyone will want a piece.
   read more…

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