‘ABBA’ takes a stroll down memory lane

Reviewed by Paul Jordan and Kristian Whitesell
Times-News correspondents

GREENSBORO— In the 1970s, ABBA was a name every teenager knew.Sweden’s most famous pop group has sold more than 375 million records worldwide and was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. 

The original members performed together for 10 years and split in 1982. “ABBA The Concert” is a tribute group, complete with a few original members of the band that tours the world. Their stop at the White Oak Amphitheatre on Saturday night was its last show for their 2011U.S.tour, and they left fans begging for more. 

The concert opened with the explosive song, “Tiger.” ABBA fans were astonished by the look and feel of the very well-made reproduction of the hit band. Songs that followed included “Knowing Me, Knowing You,” “Money, Money, Money” and “Chiquitita.” Johan Stengard, an original band member of ABBA, played the saxophone masterfully; his solos on flute and saxophone took the audience on a joy-ride.

“Slipping Through My Fingers” piped through the speakers and Mike Watson, another original member of the band, was introduced to the audience at the start of this hit and played the same bass guitar that was used during his days with ABBA.

More songs played by this wonderfully done re-creation of the Swedish singers included “Take a Chance On Me,” “SOS” and “The Winner Takes It All.” “Mamma Mia,” which later became a movie by the same name, got the audience on its feet and swaying.

“Dancing Queen” inspired a standing ovation. After the crowd insisted that one more song be played, the band took the stage one last time with the song “Thank You For the Music.”

As the group finished out the night, the band members smiled and said “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, we hope to see you soon … again,” and left the crowd with a promise of another tour.

Paul Jordan is a senior at Western Alamance High School and Kristian Whitesell is a home-school graduate; both are Teens & Twenties writers.

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