Area teen to compete in Miss Teen pageant

By Bill Cresenzo


A'Maya Smith, of Whitsett, is competing in the Miss Teen pageant in Charlotte on Feb. 25. [Photo submitted

A Whitsett teen is competing in the Miss Teen pageant in     Charlotte.
A’maya Smith, 16, will compete on Feb. 25 at the Queens   University of Charlotte’s Dana Auditorium.
A’maya, the daughter of Patricia Smith, currently attends   GTCC Middle College. She is a former student at Grove Park   and Highland elementary schools.
The preliminary interviews for the pageant were held   recently at the DoubleTree in Greensboro.
“The process was short and to-the-point,” she said. “I was   asked basic questions about my hobbies, strengths and   weaknesses, why I wanted to be in pageant, and what I   hoped to accomplish from it.”
A’maya says she is not sure how many other contestants   there are in total, “but if I had to guess, I’d say about 70. We   are split into different age groups, so I have not seen all of   the girls.”
She said she enjoys photography and being in front of the   camera. Her favorite subject is history.
“Mostly, I just study,” she said.
She plans to attend Winston-Salem State University.
A’maya said she wants to gain self-confidence and represent her community in a good way at the pageant.
“I hope to get rid of my fear of performing and talking in front of a lot of people,” she said. “I also hope to make some new friends.”
A’maya will be competing in the Miss Teen division, one of four divisions that will have girls and ladies aged 7 through 20 competing in modeling routines, which include casual wear and formal wear.
There is no swimsuit competition and officials say that “personality is the No. 1 aspect that each contestant is judged on during all phases of competition.”
If she wins in Charlotte, A’maya will get an all-expense paid trip to the national pageant in Orlando, Fla., where she and other contestants will compete for more than $30,000 in prizes and awards.

Bill Cresenzo is a Times-News reporter. He can be contacted at or 336-506-3041.

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