Author’s unique debut brings readers into a ‘World of Magic’

“When it Rains,” by Rosetta M. Overman. Copyright 2014, CreateSpace (197 pages, $9.80)

Reviewed by Christian Hornaday
Times-News correspondent

   A surprisingly unique debut, “When it Rains” is the opening story to the “World of Magic” series by local author Rosetta M. Overman.
Presenting a fresh perspective regarding the classic elements (fire, water, wind/air, earth, and spirit/soul), Overman gives each element a human-like body and personality, which allows her readers to identify with these elements on a more relatable level.
River, the water element, begins the story living in a secluded area apart from the human world with only her element siblings and their current guardian. As the characters are introduced, the family of elements must accept the retirement of their current guardian followed by the placement of a new guardian.
   Getting to know this new protector proves dangerous for the elements as he allows them to be taken in to the human world. While in the human world, trust is both gained and lost, family is brought closer together, inner struggles are dealt with and the thoughts of romance build from page to page.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its genuine characters, giving both a very personal side as well as the ability to capture the mystic feel of an element in flesh. The romance surrounding River kept me turning pages and has since left me satisfied in how the idea of love is portrayed throughout this first installment.
After getting a taste of the “World of Magic” in “When it Rains,” I am anxious to read Overman’s upcoming sequel, “Firestorm.”

Christian Hornaday is a freshman at Campbell University and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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