Beautiful destination: Cades Cove filled with natural beauty & wildlife

By Alley Morris
Times-News correspondent 


This old church is one of the sites you'll see at Cades Cove. [Alley Morris / Times-News correspondent

   The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the top places to visit in Tennessee.
Year-round, there are many sites to see. Wildlife abounds and you never know what you could see next. One of the many places to visit in this beautiful national park is Cades Cove.
More than 100 years before the Great Smoky Mountains National Park originated, it was a homestead for many families, which were from Europe. Some of the first European families arrived in the early 1820s. The new settlers built houses, smokehouses, barns, and cleared land for lots of abundant crops. By the year 1850, the population of Cades Cove reached 685 people, as new families moved into the area and more children were born throughout the time, according to the National Park Service website.
In 1927, both Tennessee and North Carolina started to purchase the land for the creation of the national park. While some residents, like John W. Oliver, didn’t like this idea, some families signed life-leases, and this allowed them to live their best life, according to the National Park Service website. As you drive around Cades Cove, you will see many of the old structures still standing from when the many settlers lived there, like old churches and even an old homestead.
Wildlife in Cades Cove is one of the most fascinating things about this amazing part of the park. The possibilities of seeing any type of wildlife is very high. During the spring, you may see black bears, turkeys, does with their fawns, coyotes and even some chipmunks if you are lucky.
During the fall, you may see bucks roaming around in the woods, as well as some does, too. There have even been times where visitors have seen wild hogs and elk. Cades Cove also is a great spot to see the peak of fall foliage. People line up for miles, just to enter into the park and see the brightly colored leaves.
If you are interested in reading more about Cades Cove, you can visit The cost to see all of the wonderful and exciting sites of Cades Cove is free of charge.

Alley Morris is a freshman home-schooler and a Teens & 20s writer.

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