Best Binge Shows

Commentary by Emily Fogleman
Times-News correspondent

Have a little extra time on your hands? Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for a show to fill the void.
   1. “Supernatural:” While this show would take quite some time to completely catch up on, it’s worth it. Ten seasons already on Netflix and one currently on TV mean many hours of staring at a screen, but it’s totally worth it. The show is about two brothers who fight monsters, save the world and still manage to have a fair amount of chick flick moments.
   2. “Glee:” Even the name implies that this show will be a fun show to watch. A show about a group of underdogs who have to transform a ragtag group of kids into elite Glee Club, “Glee” teaches valuable lessons, with an abundance of humor and music for entertainment.
   3. “Parks and Recreation:” City government’s best employee, Leslie Knope, will leave you in stitches after every episode. There’s a constant battle of wills between Leslie and her apathetic co-workers, making every project even harder to complete. With all kinds of humor for all kinds of people, anyone and everyone will love this show.
      4. “Criminal Minds:” This show depicts a group of profilers whose specialty is finding and capturing serial killers. Balanced in are details of the team members’ private lives, making you love the characters even more. Great characters and great casting along with mystery? Who can resist that?
   5. “Friends:” If you haven’t watched this classic already, then you need to. Six friends in New York City and their daily life struggles. Great show for kids, families, teens or adults.
   6. “Meet the Fosters:” Perhaps the most realistic show of this list, this show is about a family, which happens to be multiracial with two moms. The family’s many ups and downs help teach about what it truly means to be a family and how different is not only OK, but a good thing.

 Emily Fogleman is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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