Burlington Royals games bring back fond memories

Caitlin Durham / Photo submitted

   Commentary by Caitlin Durham
Times-News correspondent

   The majority of people obtain a liking for sports in some way, shape or form. Maybe it is the energetic atmosphere sporting events possess; the purpose the teams bring to die-hard fans, or possibly a person likes sports because they genuinely like sports. My reason, is because I grew up around them.
As a kid, my favorite thing to do during the summer was watching the Burlington Royals baseball games. I got the chance to experience a professional sports atmosphere at such a young age and was hooked.
The Royals would play its games in Burlington Athletic Stadium, something that still happens today. And as they played, you would find a little girl sitting in the stands mesmerized by the game. The way the ball was thrown so hard and hit so far, the way the players would run so fast. I could not talk my eyes off the field.
Driving by on a game day I could see, a parking lot so full that cars are parked at random in the grass. The air would be filled with the aroma of popcorn and hot dogs’ scent, wafting from the concession stands. I would feel the sweat on my brow from the sweltering heat that we as fans were willing to sit through for the game.
I could hear hundreds of fans cheering along their sports team, and then would experience the taste of pride and satisfaction of a local team winning a game.
Entering the ball field was invigorating whereas leaving was bittersweet.
As time went by, I continued to attend these games and watch the teams change. But even though the players changed, the atmosphere never did.

 Caitlin Durham is a rising senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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