Calming freshman fears: Those who have ‘been there’ offer advice

Being a freshman in high school can be a bit scary at first, but some area teens share their experiences as well as advice to ease freshmen's fears. / Metro Creative Graphics

By Hannah Kiker
Times-News correspondent

   Being a freshman in high school can be scary, at first.
But it doesn’t have to be.
A rising senior and a recent graduate from Alamance County share a little bit about what they learned during high school in hopes of preparing upcoming freshmen for the year ahead.
“The workload is definitely a lot harder your freshman year, and sophomore year it decreases,” said Taylor Walker, a recent graduate from Burlington Christian Academy. Walker took extra courses at Alamance Community College during high school to further her college education.
“I’m glad I went in with a hardworking attitude and ready to take on whatever was thrown at me,” she said. “Be outgoing and don’t be afraid to make new friends.”
   Jenna Whited, a rising senior home-schooler, talked about what she was glad she did in high school.
“I was glad that I got good grades in the beginning of high school. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to keep your GPA (grade point average) high rather than trying to raise a low one.”
But Whited also was transparent about what she wished she had done in her high school career.
“I really wish I had tried lots of different sports and clubs earlier,” Whited said.
These students were eager to tell freshmen what to look forward to in high school.
“There’ll be some great times, and some not-so-great times, but in the end you’ll have memories that will last forever and friends who feel more like family,” Walker said. “A freshman can look forward to being more independent and have more time to themselves. They get to change classes, have awesome electives, and participate in some pretty amazing clubs.”
Freshmen can be prepared for all of the good that high school brings.

 Hannah Kiker is a rising senior home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties correspondent.


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