Camouflage: Brad Paisley’s favorite color

Commentary by Matt Herter
Times-News correspondent

Rick Diamond / Getty Images for CMT

   In 2011, Brad Paisley released “Camouflage” to radio, the fourth single for his album “This Is Country Music” and the song still gains attention on the radio two years later.
This song includes Paisley’s trademark fast guitar playing, or shredding, and comic Larry the Cable Guy interjects his trademark “Git ’er done” while singing in the chorus, as well.
Although this song was not as popular as most Paisley songs, peaking at only number 15 on the Billboard Country Chart, it was more rowdy and heavier than most Paisley songs.
In his usual witty style, with lines such as “Be invisible to a whitetail and irresistible to a redneck girl,” he entertains his fans with the song about people making use of camouflage patterns as a style choice. Although he seems to poke fun at a man who painted his car in camouflage, Paisley later sings that camouflage is his favorite color.
Whether Paisley’s song had an impact on a growing trend in which youth dress in camouflage or the trend spurred Paisley’s song, what was once used for hunting and military clothing is a pattern now available in prom tuxes and dresses.

Matt Herter is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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