Catchy songs & lovable characters

By Lily Pope
Times-News correspondent 

Dan Stevens (The Beast) and Emma Watson (Belle) star in a live-action adaptation of the animated classic "Beauty and the Beast." / Disney via The Associated Press

The Disney animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” is now a long-awaited modern screenplay with catchy songs and lovable characters.
This rendition of the movie sticks close with the original storyline but has a much darker theme, with a sad backstory behind both Belle and the Beast and a fair amount of scary scenes. Rather than being aimed at a younger audience, it seems geared toward the older crowd. The movie moved slowly at times and had a much flashier feel than the original version.
Although not advertised as a musical, it has a strong musical presence. Fans will not be disappointed if they are looking forward to a theatrical performance with many songs and intense visual presentations. “Beauty and the Beast” features classic characters in exaggerated forms, making them intimidating and frightening at times. With several chase and attack scenes, the movie is too intense for young viewers.
Seeing the characters within the castle come to life was one of the highlights of the movie.        They offered many loving and comical scenes and also some of the most heartbreaking as the movie unfolded.
Emma Watson portrays a rather plain but fearless Belle and strong female lead, a true modern Disney princess and an inspiration to young and mature females alike. Another attribute for the French country girl was her love of reading set in a time of male dominance and illiterate women.
Written by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos and directed by Bill Condon, “Beauty and the Beast” is rated PG. Running time is two hours and 10 minutes long.

Lily Pope is an eighth-grade home-schooler and a Teens & 20s writer.

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