Celtic Woman performs with elegance and passion

Reviewed by Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent

   DURHAM — Nothing can compare to the four brilliantly talented ladies of Celtic Woman: Chloë Agnew, Lisa Lambe, Susan McFadden and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt.
Each lady has so much talent that it beams like rays of sunshine bolting through the clouds. It’s hard to miss and brilliant to see with your own eyes.
The stage Saturday afternoon at Durham Performing Arts Center was beautifully dressed with purple and blue light backdraft with a ruffled curtain in the back and white curtains framing around it. Without notice, the lights flickered in every direction and the drummers took their positions. Nesbitt came out waving her bow gracefully with poise and skill. She played her heart out as if she was calling the other girls to come onto stage one by one.
   All three of them came with voices like angels singing about awakening the earth. It was a big audience puller and all were buzzing with excitement. When they sang the word “fire,” orange lights exploded like actual fire bursting to life. It was mystifying and beautiful.
They also showed their Irish roots by singing in the Celtic language. Even though you couldn’t understand the words, just the facial expression and the emotion of Lambe’s voice made it clear what the message was. Lambe would dance as she sang to the beat and occasionally play the spoons. The fact that they still mix their true roots into their style of music made the performance even more enjoyable.
Nesbitt took the stage five times to do solos. They were all different but with the same passion and powerful energy. She’d swish her hair back and forth and up and down. It was breathtaking how amazing her skills were and so wonderful to watch. Her facial expressions went from serious to playful as she danced around the stage and even pirouetted, too.
The best part of the whole concert was when they all sang “Amazing Grace” alongside the talented bag pipe player, and the performance of the hit “Sail Away.” Both brought tears to many eyes throughout the venue. If given the chance, you don’t want to miss these fine ladies perform.

 Jessica Page is a home-schooled graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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