‘Central Intelligence’ is an action-packed comedy

Bret Pierce / Times-News correspondent

By Bret Pierce
Times-News correspondent

   Two of the biggest movie stars today combine in an action-packed comedy that will have you laughing out loud.
In “Central Intelligence,” Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), a superstar at his high school, is now in what he feels is a dead-end job. Calvin feels as if he has wasted his potential and winds up in a life lacking excitement. Enter Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), a CIA agent who has gotten into a little bit of trouble and needs Calvin’s help. Calvin and Bob went to the same high school but were on oposite ends of the popularity spectrum; Bob was out of shape and odd while Calvin was the school’s golden boy.
   In school, Calvin not only befriended Bob, but kept the bullies at bay. With all of the discussion about bullying these days, this film is timely despite the far-fetched storyline and it’s nice to see that a popular guy can be kind and a good friend to someone who might not have as many friends as him.
Now reunited again, they will have to fight off the bad guys while trying to clear Bob’s name.
This movie has jokes at every turn but, not only that, it has more than its fair share of action and excitement as well. If you need a laugh or excitement or both in your life right now, then “Central Intelligence” is definitely the movie to go see.
There’s some great music, too, (some your parents may even like).

Bret Pierce is a rising freshman at Page High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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