Check out these apps and get your game on

Commentary by Logan A. White
Times-News correspondent

   It’s official — we’re at the halfway mark of winter break and the excitement of being able to do absolutely nothing has worn off. If you need a quick and easy fix for the holiday doldrums, download one of these five awesome apps and immerse yourself in a digital world that will keep you coming back for more challenging fun.
    1. “Duet” game — This clever yet simple game will test both your reflexes and willpower. The objective is a basic one: Keep a red and blue orb together and avoid all obstacles. Easy, right? This visually appealing game will keep you on your toes and entertained (or frustrated) for hours. Duet is $2.99 on the App Store and free on Google Play.
   2. “Angry Birds: Star Wars” — It’s the physics puzzler everyone has played at one time or another. This version is a personal favorite, with a multitude of “Star Wars”-themed levels that are surprisingly accurate to the original trilogy’s plot and characters. Angry Birds is 99 cents on the App Store and free on Google Play.
      3. “Infinity Blade” — An acclaimed trilogy of sword-slashing, creature bashing games, these high-quality games will definitely exceed your expectations. Take control of Sirus, the series’ hero, and battle your way through a lush world of opponents. With truly immersive storylines and great graphics, “Infinity Blade” (I, II and III) are a must-have for any gamer. “Infinity Blade” is $6.99 on the App Store and is not available on Google Play.
   4. “Smash Hit” — definitely the most innovative endless runner on the App Store. This hit-and-run game requires you to fling metal balls at glass obstacles, all while constantly moving forward. Each “level” or “landscape” is absolutely beautiful, and not a single one has the same challenges. “Smash Hit” is free on both the App Store and Google Play.
   5. “Galaxy On Fire 2 HD” — This app takes the term “space shooter” to the next level. Instead of a simple series of missions, “Galaxy On Fire” plays like a third-person flight simulation with a detailed storyline. From flying spacecraft to mining asteroids to evading enemy fire in dogfights, there’s not a single dull second in the game. “Galaxy On Fire 2 HD” is free on both the App Store and Google Play.
Hopefully one of these apps will hold your interest hostage for a few hours of blissful fun. Don’t let boredom ruin your break. Game on.

Logan A. White is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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