Christmas traditions can be friendly for the environment


A few of our Teens & Twenties writers took time to share ideas on making holiday celebrations a little more environmentally friendly:

 — When I was younger, my great grandmother never wrapped my gifts with wrapping paper, but instead with old newspapers. This is a great way to wrap gifts for the Christmas season while not only saving paper, but money, too.

— CJ Click, senior, River Mill Academy

  — Candles can be a great tool for creating a cozy environment in your home during the Christmas season. Although traditional candles are great, flameless candles are even better. Flameless candles are battery operated, so there’s no hot, dripping wax to be concerned with. The candles can be purchased scented or unscented and put out a fair amount of light. With two or three flameless candles placed around the room, electricity consumption can be reduced a bit. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, flameless candles are better suited for younger members of the family and furry friends than regular candles and won’t melt with time.

— Holly Bouldin, sophomore, Alamance Community College

 — My family recycles boxes, bows, bags and tissue paper that hasn’t been ripped. Because these things will eventually get too dilapidated to use, we’re planning to sew our own reusable bags with a drawstring and holiday-themed fabric. You can also reuse Christmas cards for crafts and most plastic dishware can go through the dishwasher.

 — Rachel Anne Spencer, home-schooled junior


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