College days have ended; now what?

Devarrick Turner / Times-News

The sun was bright as I walked across the stage in a maroon cap and gown and received my diploma from Elon University’s president, Leo Lambert. After two years at Burlington Christian Academy, six years at Grove Park Elementary, three years at Turrentine Middle School, four years at Williams High School and four years at Elon, I am finally a college graduate.
   Now what?
   The sun seems to shine a little less bright as I try to figure out what is next for me. My degree is in broadcast journalism, but the process of finding a job that suits me has been a challenge. Although some of my Elon classmates are already working as reporters and producers at news stations, I find myself facing the same dilemma I faced when I entered Elon as freshman in 2008.
   I believe we are all here for a specific reason; we all have something to contribute to world whether it’s on a big or small scale. I realized this around 10 years old when I discovered my passion for performing. It’s all I’ve wanted to do since then. However, I also wanted to develop other skills and I found another passion in high school — journalism. In both cases, my goal is to tell a story that someone can learn from.
   The dilemma I faced when I entered Elon was whether I should major in journalism or music theatre. I auditioned for Elon’s competitive music theatre program, but I was not accepted and decided to declare my major as journalism with an emphasis in broadcast news. My plan was to combine my two passions of performing and journalism and focus on entertainment reporting.
   As a graduate, I am trying to find a job that allows me to combine these two passions or one that allows me to perform. I have sent out numerous résumés and cover letters to entertainment news organizations and applied to internships that are interesting and beneficial to my career goals. I have done background/extra work for movies and TV shows being filmed in North Carolina trying to gain a little experience to add to my acting resume.
   With nothing to lose, I even auditioned for “American Idol” when auditions were held in Charlotte. I’ve had a few interviews and even fewer auditions, but, unfortunately, there have been no positive outcomes.
   I am extraordinarily happy and proud of my journalism colleagues that have found jobs as reporters. They will go on to do amazing things and I look forward to following their careers.
   However, I know that hard news and reporting on politics, shootings and arrests is not the best place for me. Through this journey, I am certain that I will find the right opportunity and find my way. The clouds will begin to disappear and the sun will shine, once again, as bright as it did on my graduation day.

Devarrick Turner is a 2012 Elon University graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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