Collegiate Start positive & enlightening

By Jakob S. Miller
Times-News correspondent 

   The Collegiate Start program at Elon University and programs similar to it offer high-schoolers the opportunity to take college courses in addition to their regular coursework.
Overall, my experience with this program has been both positive and enlightening. Taking two classes at Elon this semester has helped me feel prepared for when I go to college next year.
Taking high school classes and college classes at the same time has highlighted some of the main differences between the two. My college courses had less frequent but more intense assignments, a style that I enjoy and tend to do better with. I felt I was able to really express my opinion on many topics rather than just providing an answer. In addition, both of my college courses encouraged open, civil and spirited debate as a core part of the learning process. I found that lecture was used as more of a supplemental tool in this regard.
One of the intimidating parts of taking college courses as a high school student was whether professors and peers would respect me and my opinions as much as theirs. I found that I was treated as an equal in every scenario. Being able to converse with people of different perspectives in a respectful manner became my favorite part of my college courses.
Having the opportunity to take college courses in high school has made me feel ready and even more excited to go to college. I would strongly recommend fellow high school students to take advantage of programs like Collegiate Start as a tool to become prepared for the ins and outs of college, and to have a fun experience along the way.

Jakob S. Miller is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.


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