Common sense, basic know-how is best self-defense, author says

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   “Teen Self-Defense: American Marine Goju,” by Garry Klaus. Copyright 2013, AuthorHouse. $26.09, 88 pages.

 Reviewed by Christian Hornaday
Times-News correspondent

 Alertness, avoidance and awareness are the three key points to successful self-defense, as explained by Garry Klaus in his recent release, “Teen Self-Defense: American Marine Goju.” When one is prepared with a combination of common sense and basic know-how, going out alone need not be something to worry about. American Marine Goju teaches a variety of three martial arts styles (Goju Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do) in order to fully prepare a person for attacks.
“Well, if I were a carpenter and the only tool I have in my toolbox is a hammer all I have mastered is driving and window frames,” Klaus said.
This book not only offers explanations and tips to avoid dangerous scenarios, but it is also filled with images of teenagers demonstrating self-defense techniques that range from defending oneself against grabs, guns, knives, headlocks and more.
If a teen, or any person, is looking to learn specific martial arts maneuvers to defend themselves, then this book is going to be incredibly helpful, and while it is not geared toward light reading, the content fulfills what the title promises. Not proving to be the most interesting read, “Teen Self-Defense American Marine Goju” will leave its dedicated readers with the knowledge and confidence to keep them safe.

Christian Hornaday is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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