Creative and cost-effective: Thrift stores offer savvy fashions

By Avery Aguila
Times-News correspondent


These Mossimo Supply Co. shorts retail for between $7.49 and $15, but Avery Aguila purchased them for $3.49 at Goodwill in Mebane. [Ian Jones / Special to the Times-News

 The start of a new school year often means empty pockets from back-to-school shopping.
But for all the savvy fashionistas out there, this is an opportunity to be creative as well as cost-effective with shopping at thrift stores.
Thrift stores have a bad reputation to a lot of people, often being seen as cheap, tarnished or unclean places to go.
But I recently decided to put that to the test by finding out, do thrift stores save you money while offering quality product?
I visited Living Free Ministries and Goodwill, both in Mebane.
At Living Free Ministries, a retro yellow tank top by the brand American Eagle Outfitters was purchased for $2.99. Unfortunately, this brand no longer carries that exact tank top, but carries many others similar to it. On the American Eagle Outfitters website, the prices ranged from $14.99 to $24.95.
At Goodwill, a pair of gray shorts by the brand Mossimo Supply Co. was $3.49. The exact shorts couldn’t be found on its website. What I did find was that Mossimo Supply Co. sells their women’s shorts for $7.49 to $15.
My final, and proudest, purchase was a pair of Nike Juvenates. These shoes were $2.99 at Living Free Ministries. The original retail price (found on is $85 before any mark downs.
None of the clothes were damaged. The shoes had been scuffed on the undersides, but it did not affect the appearance.
Thrift stores definitely save you money, while offering not only quality products, but a fun time shopping.

Avery Aguila is a sophomore at Eastern Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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