Delicious & nutritious: Tips for packing school lunches

By Corinna Workman
Times-News correspondent 


Compartmentalizing school lunch items into jars, like these, can make packing lunch both fun and appealing. [Corinna Workman / Times-News correspondent

   We all know the feeling — it’s as inevitable as classes starting soon.
“New year, new me,” or rather, “New school year, new me.” Yet, no matter how much you try to fix your eating habits at the beginning of the year, somehow your lunchbox always ends up void of anything but a dry pack of ramen noodles by the third day of school.
There may be a number of reasons why: lack of time or interest, etc.
It can be fun to think of it like a puzzle — trying to compact each of the food groups into one meal.
Salad is the obvious pick for veggies, but if your school has a microwave, frozen vegetables are a great way to make a lunch at school feel like a home-cooked meal. Just add water and microwave for a couple minutes.
For protein, a can of beans or leftover meat are great inexpensive choices. When I was little, my dad used to roll up pieces of cheese in deli meat and call them roll-ups, which are the perfect option for something flavorful and low-carb.
Whole-grain cereals make great snacks for long bus rides. They also can be paired with yogurt or a thermos of milk, or peanut butter for a treat.
Fruit is probably the easiest one, but berries and grapes are probably the least messy of the options.
School lunches are also a great option for fresh or cooked foods.

Corinna Workman is a sophomore at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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