Do-it-yourself beauty tricks good for the Earth, too

Commentary by Rachel Anne Spencer
Times-News correspondent

We can be beautiful, while we help the Earth stay beautiful. There are a lot of green do-it-yourself recipes and tips for beauty out there. There’s a way to cut down your carbon footprint whether you want to get rid of acne or dye your hair a funky color, and most are relatively inexpensive. Here are some of my favorites.
   Remember when pore strips came out? Now I’ve found a simple, green alternative that I love. I used a tutorial found on Michelle Phan’s YouTube account, here is the link: I liked how the gelatin and milk mixture really molded to my skin, and I liked how I could apply it on areas of my face other then my nose. I would highly reccommend this.
   I love personalized things, so I was thrilled to learn that you can make your own soaps. There are loads of tutorials for soap-making online and the library also has a few books on soap-making. You can make soaps in any shape, size, color or scent, and you can also find a variety of soap recipes for people with sensitive skin. This can get to be pricey, depending on what kinds of dyes, scents, and oils you use; but it also makes a great gift.
   I was really excited when I learned that you can temporarily dye your hair using Kool-Aid drink mix powder. In addition to cutting out the use of aerosol cans and harsh chemicals that may damage your hair and the environment, your hair will smell like the flavor of Kool-Aid you use and the color will last for several washings. So why not go green … or red or purple? I recommend the wikihow tutorial found using the following link: Remember, as with any hair dye, the lighter your hair color, the more this will show up.
   These are just a few of the literally thousands of ideas out there. Pursue a greener alternative to beauty this summer.

 Rachel Anne Spencer is a home-schooled rising senior and Teens & Twenties writer.

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