Duke Splash is a fun & educational experience

Commentary by Lily Pope
Times-News correspondent

   DURHAM — Duke Splash is a biannual event held at Duke University that includes a day of classes taught by Duke students for middle and high schoolers. Classes range from Astrophysics to Origins of Harry Potter to Famous Cities of Western Europe to Neurobiology.
Classes vary during the fall and spring so check out the website for a complete course catalogue for the day you plan on coming. Students who attend Splash get to navigate around campus to find their classes. Splash is free for everyone yet a ten dollar donation is requested to cover expenses and the provided lunch.
My experience with Duke Splash was fantastic. I had great teachers and exploring the beautiful Duke campus was really fun. I took four classes this past fall and my favorite was “Doodling Can Make You a Designer.” This class covered several directions to take your doodling including careers such as interior design and website design. In addition to this, I also learned a few useful drawing tips and tricks.
   There are five 55-minute blocks in the day to fill with your choice of four classes and lunch. The day begins with check in and a welcome session for all attendants, then you start your first class.
The next Duke Splash will be April 9; registration begins Feb. 29 and you can find more information at dukesplash.learning.org/, to see the entire list of courses offered and to sign up for classes.
If you are considering participating in one of these amazing, free, fun days, do not let a college campus intimidate you. There are helpful students all over campus specifically for helping and guiding attendees. Maps are provided and there are signs on the buildings, so it is easy and not challenging to locate your classes.
Overall, Duke Splash is a good learning experience and a great way to spend time with old friends and an enjoyable way to make new ones.

 Lily Pope is a home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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