Elon University serves as host for college fair

By Emily Clark
Times-News correspondent 

   Here is how the conversation normally goes — “Oh you’re a high school student? Well, where are you going to college?”
This is a question, unfortunately, that students aren’t often prepared to answer. The College Fair at Elon University on Monday, Sept. 16, may provide a little more clarity for many students.
Every high school senior in the area will be brought on each individual schools’ buses to this event at Alumni Gymnasium on the Elon University campus. However, the college fair will be open to the public from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. that night for any other high school students or parents who are interested in talking to the admissions counselors or asking questions. At 7:15 p.m., there will be a Financial Aid session for families in the Inman Welcome Center. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to visit with the colleges that they are interested in, or maybe even discover some that have not been on their radar.
   How to prepare for the college fair:
Come prepared. It is pretty common to have students come in and ask generic questions, but these do not really help the seniors get to know the college, or the other way around. Basically, if it can be looked up on the Internet — do not ask it. Think of some unique questions that really pertain to a specific area of study, major, or anything else that has really drawn a student to this institution.
Also, a lot of time can be wasted at a college fair writing down information for each of the colleges that a student is interested in. Instead, it can be helpful to print out small labels with a student’s name, address, email and phone number — these can save up to four minutes that could be used by asking questions. Each school will only have 45 minutes at the fair, so every minute really does count.
Students should determine, prior to attending, which colleges they really want to talk to at the fair. It can be easy to walk down the aisles and talking to random schools that friends are interested in, but after all, time is limited and it should be used wisely. This may be one of the only opportunities that students have the ability to ask these questions, and that should be taken advantage of. A student should not waste time talking to schools that they are not interested in.
A lot of the time, the colleges will send the admissions adviser who represents Burlington to this college fair, so the representative you talk to on Sept. 16 could be the first one to read your application. Make a good impression.

Emily Clark is a senior at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & 20s writer.

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