Experience UNCC’s ‘learning communities’

Commentary by Briona Kiser
Times-News correspondent

   From the 15 learning communities to the prime southwestern North Carolina location, “Norm the Niner” and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) has something to offer to all prospective students.
UNCC was founded in 1947, closed down, and reopened in 1949, hence the mascot of a mining “Forty-Niner.” The campus covers more than 1,000 acres and currently has more than 26,000 students enrolled. Though many buildings have been standing since the 1940s, UNCC is constantly expanding the campus. During the 2013-14 school year, a new dining hall is being added as well as an older high-rise being remodeled.
   Although freshman are not required to live on campus, housing is available to all incoming freshman. UNCC offers many on-campus housing options, including high-rise dorms, apartment-style dorms and suite-style dorms. Multiple apartment buildings are located within walking distance to the campus and often have UNCC students living there. There are also 15 learning communities, two of which are focused specifically on transfer/international students, and 13 focused on individual majors. The learning communities provide an easier transfer from high school to college and offer tutors and additional advisors to those students. Lastly, all learning-community students are housed with other students of their respective major, mostly in C.F. Lynch Hall.
When it comes to college, it’s all about location, location, location. In the eyes of most, the entire city of Charlotte is the business capital of the southeast, which is beneficial to students of all majors due to increased opportunity for internships and jobs. The campus also has great access for weekend getaways, seeing as it is two hours from the Appalachian Mountains and three from Atlantic Beach.
As the school year comes to a slow close and summer approaches, most believe it is too late to apply to college, which is not completely true; UNCC’s final application date is May 1. Prospective students can learn more about this amazing school at uncc.edu.

 Briona Kiser is a senior at Western Alamance High School
and a Teens & Twenties correspondent.


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