Famous comic book writer pays visit to Acme Comics

Commentary by Sabrina Otero
Times-News correspondent

Gail Simone

GREENSBORO — On Feb. 9, comic book superstar Gail Simone visited Acme Comics.
   Lucky patrons could pose with Batgirl and Big Barda from DC Comics lore as they reminisced about their favorite comic stories and characters while Jermaine Exum (manager of Acme Comics) ensured fans would have the opportunity to have some one-on-one time and maybe an autograph or two with the equally dazzling Simone.
   See, it may be the year 2013, but some job industries continue to remain a mostly male-dominated arena, and the world of comic books is no exception.
      Enter Gail Simone, a former hairdresser and opinionated blogger whose vocal views on the victimization of women in comics earned her the opportunity to tackle the traditionally boys-only playground by becoming a writer for the funnies herself.
   Once inside the playpen, she also managed to successfully gain authorship on many titles and keep her writing increasingly relevant in a workplace that’s infamously scarce on females. How did she do it?
   Simone offers this insight for those wishing to follow her example: “I would definitely have your own vision and voice — don’t copy others’ ideas.”
   Her substantial pedigree of work illustrates that she’s no lightweight, either. Due to her many pioneering efforts coupled with a no-nonsense attitude around her male counterparts, many of her fans have taken to affectionately dubbing her the “Red Sonja” of the comic book industry.
   Simone’s impressive resume includes writing for Birds of Prey, Welcome to Tranquility, Superman’s Action Comics, Wonder Woman, and the new 52 — Batgirl. Marvel Comics tapped her to write for Deadpool and Agent X . She also has written some issues of the ever popular Simpsons Comics, and many other top shelf comics.
   What can fans anticipate as far as upcoming projects?
   ” ‘The Movement’ will be coming out in May, about college aged students. It’s very politically motivated and there is nothing else out there that’s like it,” she said.
   Readers wanting to learn more about Gail Simone can check out her personal blog at http://lby3.com/wir/. To keep up with the latest comic book events at Acme Comics, visit www.acmecom ics.com.

 Sabrina Otero is a sophomore at the Alamance-Burlington Middle College
and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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