Favorite hangouts: Head to the movies, a bookstore or just stay at home

What better way to beat the winter blues than hanging out with friends? Teens & Twenties writer Catherine Wiggins has compiled a list of her favorite places to spend time with friends. / Metro Creative Graphics

Commentary by Catherine Wiggins
Times-News correspondent

   Teens struggle on deciding where to hang out. Here are what I consider to be the top five places to hang out in Alamance County:
1. Youth groups — What better way to make new friends and talk to old ones? Youth groups would be held at churches on different days of the week depending on the church and the director of the group.
2. Other friends’ houses — Do you like your friend’s place? Ever asked to spend the night? This is a perfect way to grow closer to old friends.
3. Pelican’s Sno Balls — It is the perfect place to meet up, have a snow cone and talk. The business has locations in both Burlington and Mebane.
4. Alamance Crossing — Want to shop or go see a movie with friends? The shopping center on the west side of Burlington is the perfect place to do so. With Carousel Cinemas on one side and Barnes and Noble Booksellers on the other, Alamance Crossing has something for everyone.
5. Home — Nothing beats home. Home is the one place where you could run around in fuzzy socks sliding on the hardwood floor with your friends and have a race to see who could grab the first snack. Home is home, no matter what.
Out of the many places in Alamance County, I consider these to be the top five places to hang out for teens. Of course there are others, but if you’re looking for a good time, try hanging out here for a change.

 Catherine Wiggins is an eighth-grader at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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