First prom offers lessons for next year

By Paulina Lopez
Times-News correspondent 

Paulina Lopez / Times-News correspondent

One of the most exciting and memorable nights in a teen’s life — prom — can also be a   planning nightmare.
There’s a lot of pressure for the night to be perfect. The days leading up to prom can be   stressful and one of those reasons is the expense.
This was my first prom so I didn’t know what to expect.
The problem was the dress. Finding a beautiful and affordable dress when you’re not a size 2   is difficult.
The dress I selected was way over my budget — $233 — but I had noticed dresses priced $400 and up, so I didn’t feel that bad about it. Makeup application was an additional $50 and it cost  $40 to have my hair done.
Was it all worth it? Yes.
It’s not every day that I get to dress up and feel like a princess. It was a memorable night.
The prices really caught me by surprise, but at least now I know what to expect for my senior prom.

Paulina Lopez is a junior at Clover Garden School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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