Focus on friends & having fun

By Paulina Lopez
Times-News correspondent 


Prom is a time for friends and fun. / [Metro Creative Graphics

   There’s a lot of hype that surrounds prom.
Multiple movies and books focus on the big day, touting it as a magical night full of possibilities.
But is prom like its movie and book counterparts?
Jennie Walker, a student at Clover Garden School, confessed that while prom did not live up to the cliche expectations, it was fun in its own way.
“Good friends and music really made the whole night,” she said.
Isn’t the whole whole point of prom that teenagers have a good time with their friends?
Dancing and friends are important, but another key element of prom is the dressing up.
People spend hundreds of dollars every year for that one night, but is it all worth it?
A’Zane Troxler, a student at Clover Garden School, spent about $400 for prom. This was her first prom so she wasn’t sure what to expect.
“I enjoyed dressing up and I had fun, but the dance itself was not as I expected. Thanks to the media and multiple quinceañeras, I expected more,” she said.
Teenagers search for that magical element, but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe they’re trying too hard. It seems like the best way to have a good time is to focus on being with friends and having fun. These moments won’t last forever.

Paulina Lopez is a junior at Clover Garden School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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