Fresh start: New year a chance to accomplish goals

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Teens & 20s share their New Year's resolutions. [Metro Creative Graphics

   New Year’s typically means compiling a list of   things you’d like to accomplish. A few of the   Teens & 20s writers have shared their dreams   and goals for 2018.

One thing I’m hoping to do differently in the   New Year would be to start doing things for   my family and others that can’t do certain   tasks by themselves. — Alley Morris, eighth-   grade home-schooler

I am going to read the 1,000-page book John   Milton: Complete Poetry and Major Prose.
I am going to run three times a week so I can   compete in the Marine Mud Run.
I am going to read at least one book per week.
I am going to get my driver’s license.
I am going to buy a truck.
Andrew Pankratz, home-schooled high school sophomore

In 2018, I want to dedicate myself to learning more outside of my academic work. I believe that it is important to develop new skills and interests — especially those which I would otherwise consider to be outside of my comfort zone. — Elspeth Macnab-Stark, high school graduate

Though it’s strange to think about, this is going to be the last time I celebrate New Years before leaving for college this fall. Having been home-schooled my entire life, I’ve had the opportunity to do many things at my own pace. This year, I resolve to pick up the pace quite a bit, as I complete my Environmental Educator Certification, apply for college scholarships, and prepare for the life of a college student. — Chandler Holland, home-schooled high school graduate

1. Expand my flower business.
2. Be more positive.
3. Spend more time with my friends.
Lydia Pankratz, senior home-schooled high schooler


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