‘Friday Night Lights’ shine bright

Eastern Alamance defensive lineman Caleb Ashley pauses for a moment inside the large inflatable helmet prior to the start of the playoff game against Havelock at Eastern on Nov. 29, 2014. / Times-News file photo

  Commentary by Caitlin Durham
Times-News correspondent

   In many Southern states, Friday night high school football games are a tradition. The tailgating, the spirit section, the smell of the concessions stands all add up to an amazing night. All week long, the students look forward to the game as a sort of social event. They get to be with friends of all ages while cheering along their classmates on the field.
A huge draw for students to come to the football games is the chance to be a part of the student section. In these sections, students pick out a theme and everyone dresses for it. That way the teams can see all the school spirit. This provides a way for all students to get connected within the school.
“Being able to come to the games and dress up according to a theme is really cool,” said Cameron Addertion, a senior at Southern Alamance High School.
Being a cheerleader means cheering on the team as well as getting the crowd pumped up. The cheer teams gather together for team bonding before the game and then pep the crowd up the whole way through, never letting their attitudes drop no matter what the scoreboard may say.
   “It really is hard work to stay pepped up the whole time, but it is so much fun,” explained Keaton McDaniel, a varsity cheerleader at Southern Alamance.
The tailgating aspect of the game draws many people to the stadium. Food and friends bring major perks to drawing in a crowd. People of all ages gather around to be in community with others and also to cheer on their local high schools.
Driving past any high school on a fall Friday night, you are guaranteed to see the stadium lights shining down on two high school football teams, cheerleaders, many coaches and hundreds of screaming fans.

 Caitlin Durham is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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