Fun & reasonably-priced: Busch Gardens in Williamsburg a great day trip or family vacation

Thrill rides, excellent food and fun for the whole family are what you can expect at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Va. / Kaitlin Gillespie, Times-News correspondent

By Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondent

   WILLIAMSBURG, VA. — Roller coasters, renowned chefs and raptors … an interesting combination that creates the unique experience for high school seniors who wish for a fun-filled day without all the drama that some accumulate during senior week.
Instead of sandy shores and overcrowded beaches, why not bask in the thrill of a 90-degree roller coaster drop that will get the adrenaline pumping and create screams of joy? Or how about tasting some exquisite fare from different countries and meet some people who have been featured on Food Network? How about watching birds of prey swoop from the sky and fly through the crowd? If all these things sound more interesting than sitting on a beach getting sunburned, then Busch Gardens is the place for you.
While many may roll their eyes at the prospect of riding roller coasters and trying to pay more money to get into the shows or exhibits, that’s where Busch Gardens is different. The shows and other attractions don’t cost extra money and the food is reasonably priced. An all-you-can-eat buffet costs around $13 and with eight different shows throughout the day, there is bound to be something for everyone. Water rides, sky rides and roller coasters are scattered throughout the different country-themed sections and there are different levels of intensity for all ages.
With this much diversity in a park, it is hard to imagine what fun can await in Williamsburg. Whether it’s a teenager looking for an interesting day trip or a family looking to have some summer fun, Busch Gardens has it all for those who want to expand vacation horizons.

 Kaitlin Gillespie is a rising freshman at Western Carolina University and a Teens & Twenties writer. For more information, visit



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