Halloween costume hacks: Hollywood makeup artist provides tips & tricks

By Kamryn Guye


From left to right: Brandon Wagner and Tyler Wood apply makeup to actors at the Original Hollywood Horror Show. [Dean Jones

   Halloween costumes don’t have to break the bank.
Starr Jones, a Hollywood makeup artist and co-founder of the Original Hollywood Horror Show in Snow Camp, shared some simple costume hacks during an interview on Oct. 23.
Clothes can be distressed for a zombie costume using sandpaper and a rasp. Clothes can be dyed or painted with shades of green, black and brown in order to look decayed. If you’re going for the appearance that you’ve lost a limb, you can buy a fake bone and rip a shirt or jacket. Place the bone in the garment, and put your actual arm behind yourself. Fake blood also can be added for cinematic effect.
For a mummy costume, all you need is a leotard and some cloth strips. You can cut cloth strips from existing garments and sew them to the leotard. If you’d like to age the cloth, tea can easily be used to dye the fabric, giving an aged effect.
Jones also mentioned that fake blood can be made using food coloring and corn syrup. However, he advised to avoid drinking the mixture because of the high sugar contents.
If you have long hair, you can easily become Frankenstein’s bride by attaching an empty paper towel roll to a headband, and teasing your hair up and around the paper towel roll to your liking. If your plus one would like to go as Frankenstein, you can create a Frankenstein head using an old shoe box. Cut or push in the corners, use cotton or latex to round the edges, add paint and an elastic strap and you’re good to go.
Stitches can be made using latex, glass and paint. Place the latex over the glass, painting X-shapes into the latex, powdering it and letting it dry. After it dries, it can be placed on skin to create a scar effect.
Latex can also be used to age yourself. You can place latex over ripped tissue to create wrinkles. If you have a latex allergy, the same effect can be achieved by mixing flour and water into a paste and painting it onto your skin. After it dries, it will appear to have aged you. Jones said that latex and cotton have been used in Hollywood films for decades to create special effects.
“There’s a ton you can do with face paint,” Jones added.
These fun and creative tips are not only sure to help you win the costume contest, but won’t spook your savings.

Kamryn Guye is a senior at Williams High School and a Times-News intern. She can be reached at kguye@thetimesnews.com.


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