‘Happiest place on Earth’ – there’s something magical about Disney World

Commentary by Lenzie Purcell
Times-News correspondent

Laney Danzeisen, left, and her sister Lenzie Purcell, a Teens & Twenties writer, pose for a recent photo at Disney World. / Photo submitted

   ORLANDO, Fla. — Traveling from relaxing Key West, where I started my spring break, to high-paced Disney World proved to be a bit too much for my sensory system. My mother, myself and my 6-year-old sister planned to spend just two days in the Magic Kingdom and then head home.
I had prepared myself for these 48 hours, but with the acquisition of a couple of free park hopper passes (given to us by family members) and my sister’s immense yearn to see everything magical, we ended up staying four full days and traveled to three parks.
Disney World is filled with the two things that I hate in life: lines and excessive amounts of people. I feel this way in grocery stores before a big storm when everyone within a hundred mile radius stampedes into the store to purchase all the bread and milk in stock. I’m filled with anxiety from the moment I walk into the store until the moment I check out.
My mind checked out of Disney about three hours into the first day. I accepted the fact that my beautiful sister was having the time of her life. After accommodating this realization into my consciousness, I decided to suck it up. I put on my happy face and soon learned to be happy at the “happiest place on earth” no matter how strong of a headache I developed.
The Animal Kingdom was by far my favorite, it felt more like a zoo than an amusement park and it wasn’t as crowded as the other parks. My sister and I rode the roller coaster “Mt. Everest” 10 times in a row. She met the height requirement by just a hair.
I would encourage all future Disney goers to check height requirements online before planning your trip. I couldn’t imagine traveling all the way to Florida with an excited 6-year-old who is half an inch too short to ride the big kid rides. Of course there are plenty of rides with no height requirement at all, but the real thrills are for the tall kids.
The musical productions around the Disney parks are aesthetically astounding. Vivid costumes and flawless set designs proved to spark the magic Disney is known for. I most enjoyed Fantasmic! at Disney’s MGM studios. The production is held twice a night in a beautiful arena.
The price of food at Disney is expectedly high but food and drinks, including coolers and bags, are allowed into all Disney parks with a quick security inspection. This fact saved my life considering the vegetarian choices located in Disney vendors are slim to none.
Regardless of the misery I felt at Disney caused by irrationally strong aversion to lines, it proved to be a wonderful place for me to spend time with my family. As a 6-year-old, my sister is in the perfect age group to experience all the “princesses” and magic that Disney World has to offer; I lived vicariously through her innocence.

 Lenzie Purcell is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Teens & Twenties writer.



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