Hawfields Haunted Forest emphasizes fear factor

By Nancy Drago
Times-News correspondent

   MEBANE — The 47th annual Hawfields Haunted Forest will leave you terrified, impressed and inspired.
The artistry is captivating, the actors are incredible and the cause is important.
Waiting in the house, prior to the event, you are immediately immersed in the atmosphere. All around, scary, detailed decorations intensify the mood.
   The actors are nothing short of terrifying — it’s impossible to convince yourself that they’re actors; they never break character. Their devotion to the cause and the craft is both something to be afraid of and to admire. One of the most impressive parts of this haunt is that it is a fundraiser put on by the Hawfields Civitan Club. Months of volunteering and hard work go into making it the best haunt it can be. Not only are you enjoying the terrifying experience of a haunted house, but you’re also giving back to the community.
When you’re not getting spooked, you can appreciate the gorgeous scenery. Everything is so thoughtfully planned out and executed, and it’s easy to get lost in awe at it all. With every section, you enter a new dimension of fear, each one scarier than the last. The members of the haunt do not hold back in their scare factor, and every year there is something bigger and better. You do not want to miss it this year.
The Hawfields Haunted Forest is located at 2115 Hwy. 119 South in Mebane. Hours are 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Oct. 25-26, 2019, and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Oct. 30-31. Cost is $10.

Nancy Drago is a senior at Chapel Hill High School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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