Helping hands: Area teens accompany church group on mission trip

Editor’s note: The incorrect church was listed in the Nov. 5 print edition.  The correct church is listed below.

By Alley Morris
Times-News correspondent 

   Conner Callahan and Gray Garber recently returned from a mission trip to Langley, Ky.
The two 16-year-old friends traveled with New Covenant Fellowship Church in Graham from Oct. 3-6.
“I had never been on a mission trip before, and it just so happened that it lined up perfectly with school,” Callahan said. Both teens are juniors at Burlington Christian Academy.
Garber said that his church typically has trips geared for younger kids, but “this year, I decided to go and honestly, it was perfect. Just like Conner said, it lined up with school and everything worked in our favor.”
“The amount of poverty was incredibly sad and very eye-opening for me,” Garber said. “Being only five hours from North Carolina, you wouldn’t think that there could be such bad poverty especially being in the United States of America.”
   Callahan also had some thoughts on the condition of the small town.
“The population of Langley, Ky., is 243 people, and 95 percent of that is under poverty. They live off of about $750 a month. Many people are scared to not attend work even for one time because they are afraid they will lose some of that money,” he said.
Callahan and Garber said that there’s a lot to consider before going on a mission trip.
“When you go on a mission trip, you really just have to go in with an open mind, willing to love on them and to listen and talk. A lot of those people don’t have anyone they feel like they can talk to. Going on this trip really helped us to see how other people in unfortunate conditions fight through their differences and overcome things. We both definitely want to go on more mission trips as we get older,” Callahan said.

Alley Morris is a freshman home-schooler and a Teens & 20s writer.

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