Helping others in need: Mission trip to Costa Rica shows how similar we are

By  Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent

Woodmont United Methodist Church in Reidsville took a recent mission trip to Costa Rica

Helping others is always one of the best ways to show God’s love. It not only nourishes our soul, but the souls that we help as well.
Woodmont United Methodist Church’s Larry Barefoot and Greg Boles did just that in Costa Rica recently. Others on the team were Joye Latta and Buddy Latta, Larry Barefoot, Fred Vaughn, Sammy Ross, Kash Cassidy, Kay Rogers, Lynn Harmon, Lexie Jones and Danny Garrett. This was Barefoot and Boles’s first time on this mission trip.
“I was not expecting anything in particular, but I was not expecting to see so many people living in conditions that were appalling,” Barefoot said. “Our main job was building a cinder block wall to replace the one that was about to fall into the ‘Poo River,’ the collection point for raw sewage from churches and homes. There was also electrical work done, ceilings put up, walls sheet-rocked and painted. There were also plumbing problems addressed.”
   Boles was ready to do whatever was needed. He described the hard work as including “digging a trench five feet deep, foundation work, masonry, concrete work, and dry wall.”
Both Barefoot and Boles described the people as being wonderful, smiling all the time and appearing happy, even though it was obvious they had very little material possessions.
“The church services and our own morning devotionals were certainly meaningful as well as the testimony from Sergio. He was a young man of 32 that worked with us every day. He had a wife, who interpreted for us, and four kids. They all lived in a one- or two-room house with a dirt floor,” Barefoot said.
Even though there was a language barrier, it was obvious, the men said, that “they appreciated us being there.”
“I will always remember how poor the country of Costa Rica is and how we Americans take for granted things their residents can only imagine. They don’t realize how poor they are because it is their everyday life,” Boles explained.
“God truly blesses us when we put our time and our effort to help others in need.”

Jessica Page is a home-schooled graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer. She attends Woodmont United Methodist Church in Reidsville.


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