How public, private schools differ

Catherine Wiggins / Photo submitted

Commentary by Catherine Wiggins
Times-News correspondent

   How many public and private schools are there in Burlington? A lot. There are approximately 15 public schools and five private schools in and around Burlington.
There are quite a few differences between public and private schools. Four come to mind: dress code, electronics, classes and student life on campus.
Dress codes are the biggest issue no matter what school you attend. Rules about how long your shorts can be and what type of shirts you can wear. Basically — if you don’t have a uniform already, the dress codes are there for a reason. Public schools are less strict on what you wear but they still have a code. Private schools have stricter rules but they keep their codes relaxed.
   The electronics rule varies from school to school. Some schools allow you to have your phone/iPod/iPad on you through out the day and some schools make you keep it in your book bag unless a teacher tells you otherwise.
Some of the private schools in Burlington are Christian-oriented so for a class, you have a Bible study. Public schools offer a wider variety of classes but they have bigger classes. In private schools, students get one-on-one learning with the teacher.
Student life is different at every school. Some private schools have a chapel service. Some public schools let students have a free period so that they can catch up on homework, study for tests and socialize.

 Catherine Wiggins is a rising freshman at Williams High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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