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 During a meeting in the summer, the Teens & Twenties writers mentioned that there were things they missed from childhood and wanted to do a “Miss It Monday” feature. Here it is:
I miss the days prior to applications – whether they are for a job, for a college, or for a scholarship. I miss the time when the most “paper work” I had to worry about was that night’s homework assignment. I miss the older T.V. shows like Rocket Power, “Lizzie McGuire,” and even “SpongeBob (SquarePants” when it was not as stupid). #MissItMonday

Christian Hornaday, freshman at Campbell University

 I miss French Toast Crunch. General Mills launched the cereal in 1995 but pulled it from American shelves in 2006. If I close my eyes and think real hard I can still taste that maple syrup goodness.

 Lenzie Purcell is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate

    I miss having sleepovers with my best friends back when we were little and life wasn’t so hard.

 Allison Tate, freshman at Alamance Community College

   When I was little, I had a pink-and-purple ride-on Jeep. It was so much fun, I felt like I could go anywhere and do anything. I miss being small enough to ride in one of these and drive them around.

Elizabeth Mullis, senior at Clover Garden School

    Something I miss from my childhood is quality family time. Now, I have to spend a lot of time doing homework and I don’t get a lot of time to sit down, relax, and talk with my family!

Meghna Mahadevan, freshman at Western Alamance High School

There are many things that I miss from when I was a child. One band I probably miss the most, which was my favorite boy band, would have to be the Jonas Brothers. Another thing I miss is the Nintendo.

Michaela King, senior at Burlington Christian Academy

   A big part of my childhood that I miss is my Easy-Bake oven. I remember it was my third or fourth Christmas morning when my sister and I were given an Easy-Bake oven. We spent the whole day fixing up concoctions that were probably questionable to eat. Despite that, it is a toy that I will never forget.

Hanna Williams, sophomore at Williams High School

    I think what I miss most was that colored ketchup. I’ve talked to a lot of people and none of them liked it, but I remember being absolutely mesmerized by it. I also miss the magic of Christmas, and how everything was an adventure on those mornings, the sleepless nights before, waiting for Santa. How I would fall asleep under the Christmas tree trying to catch a peek of the bearded man, and then wake up in my bed the next morning.

Madison Strickland, junior at The Burlington School

   One of the things that I miss from my childhood is, admittedly, kindergarten. Of course, I love the independence of middle and high school, but between the kiddie crafts and the celebrations during even the minutest of holidays, sometimes I wish I could go back for a day. In kindergarten at Hillcrest Elementary School, we had ice cream on almost a monthly basis, learned simple things like writing and very basic math, and listened to educational music every day. And who could forget how recess, “The Alphabet song” and the hundredth day of school were a thing?

Jos Boswell, freshman at Williams High School

    Miss it Monday: I really miss eating the pink and white frosted animal crackers with sprinkles. They were definitely my favorite childhood snack.

Mary Daniel Cheek, senior at Williams High School

    I miss being able to come home from school, do 20 minutes of homework and then watching TV. I miss playing dolls and board games. I miss being a kid.

Emily Fogleman, junior at Southern Alamance High School


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