In the new year: Teens & 20s share their goals for 2020

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The new year is oftentimes when we decide to make changes in our lives. The Teens & 20s writers share their goals and resolutions for 2020.
   Each year, I pick one word that I truly want to epitomize throughout the year I read books, research, and truly dwell on what my word will be prior to picking it. This year, I have chosen my word to be faithfulness. I want to be faithful in my friendships, in my commitments, and recognize the faithfulness of others and what they have done for me. — Emily Clark, senior at Burlington Christian Academy
   To be thankful every day for the many blessings God gives — always more than I deserve. — Lydia Pankratz is a student at Alamance Community College
   One New Year’s resolution I have for 2020 is to make more of an effort to not just be kind to others, but to go out of my way to make someone’s day with my words or actions. You just never know the effect you could have on someone’s life by showing them how much you truly love them. — Hollyann Gardner, high school senior at Alamance Community College
    My New Year’s resolution is to be more productive and really focus on my education. — Alley Morris, sophomore home-schooler
    My New Year’s resolution is to not be as afraid to try new things. This year I went out of my comfort zone and tried a new class at school, which has been rewarding, so I would like to do this more often in the new year. — Nancy Drago, senior at Chapel Hill High School
   My New Year’s resolution is to be more positive, and be the best version of myself. — Kamryn Guye, senior at Williams High School
   While going into the second half of my sophomore year at Warren Wilson College, one thing that I have come to realize is that I no longer make the time to read for my own pure enjoyment. For the first year of this new decade, I resolve to actively take the time to read at least one book per month for my own pleasure, starting next month. — Chandler Holland, sophomore at Warren Wilson College
    My New Year’s resolution is best described as a set of aspirations to achieve — now that I am living and working on my own, I want to continue to develop my independence and have better foresight in the new decade. I’d also like to start the “Roaring 20s” with my taxes ready to go. — Logan A. White, professional dancer with the Lexington Ballet in Lexington, Ky.
   My New Year’s resolution is to drink less caffeine. — Corinna Workman, sophomore at Western Alamance High School
   In 2020, I want to take the initiative and be determined in what I want. — Bret Pierce, senior at Page High School in Greensboro
   My favorite New Year’s resolution is not to make a New Year’s resolution. — Gable Pierce, freshman at A&T Stem Early College in Greensboro 
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