In the new year … Teens & Twenties writers share hopes, aspirations for 2012


New Year’s resolutions often include getting fit, eating healthier and so on, the Teens & Twenties writers have a few of these and many more. See what these high scool and college writers aspire to do in 2012:

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to keep myself from becoming overly stressed. I am the type of person who says “yes” to too many things; I get myself involved in various activities and can’t focus on each one as much as I would like to. I am challenging myself to focus on the things that are most important to me and what will help get me to where I want to be in life. 

  Kristian Whitesell, high school graduate

 I want to publish a book by the end of the year.

 Chandler Koury, junior home-schooler

This new year, I have three resolutions: Try to procrastinate less because we all need to do what we need to do and not put it off; be a better person because we can all always strive to do better. And lastly, to write more because it’s what I love and we should all take time to do what we love more often.

 Kaitlin Gillespie, sophomore at Western Alamance High School

My New Year’s resolution is to be a positive role model to those around me. This includes a variety of different aspects, such as: focusing on my relationship with God, sharing kindness and lending a helping hand to those I come in contact with, allowing more time for those I love, as well as, continuing to excel in my college studies. This year, I will strive to be the best version of myself each and every day; after all, you never know who is watching and what kind of influence can be left on them.

 Holly Bouldin, sophomore at Alamance Community College

 My New Year’s resolution is to contribute and tithe to the church more often.

Jessica Page, senior home-schooler

 My New Year’s resolutions are to be more organized, drive better, and do better in school.

 Rebecca Herter, sophomore at Hawbridge Charter School

 My New Year’s resolution is to finally get a job.

 Brennan Mullin, senior at Southern Alamance High School


My New Year’s resolutions would include studying harder in school and mastering every guitar chord.


Matt Herter, freshman at Hawbridge Charter School

 For my New Year’s resolutions, I plan to be the best I can be and pursue my passions with as much effort and love as I can. I want to become more patient toward other people and gripe less about my responsibilities..

I also want to be a bigger help in the kitchen, so I’m resolving to try out a new dish at least once a month and to cook or help with dinner for my family once a week. I aspire to be well-rounded, healthy, and better organized in the New Year. 

Rachel Anne Spencer, home-schooled junior

I have several goals for the new year of 2012 — first, I intend to keep strong relationships with God, my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I plan to make my college decision and finish my final year of high school on a good note, keeping straight A’s and remaining in the top of my class.

My goal is to have an enjoyable, drama-free year as I transition from high school to college and to live every moment to the fullest.

 Bailey Pennington, senior at Eastern Alamance High School

My New Year’s resolution is to appreciate my family more. As a twenty-something who is still trying to figure out life, I often forget to remember those who have always been there for me and that life is not any easier for them than it is for me.

 Candace Hall is completing her Associates Degree at Alamance Community College

My New Year’s resolution is to get in shape!

 Maddie Lee, senior at Williams High School










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