It’s easy to connect with other book lovers on

Commentary by Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondent

Many times when people here the words social networking, their brains automatically go to sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

However, there are sites for those into social networking and into reading. Sound crazy? It’s really not.

If you’ve ever wanted a site where you can receive book recommendations, follow your favorite authors, and keep up with what your friends are reading, then look no further than

Goodreads provides a flurry of useful services for those in the reading world. It is a site where you can win books by going to giveaways and simply entering your information. Some giveaways are even signed by the author. And the books aren’t boring and old or tattered copies — many of them are ARC’s (Advanced Readers Copies), for which you can write a short review of on the site. Anyone can post reviews of their favorite books or series so that others may feel inclined to read them as well.

Another function of the site is offering book clubs and interest groups. You can have interactive discussions with groups of people reading the same things you are, sort of like a blog. You can also friend people and post statuses similar to Facebook. Your friends can send you book recommendations and you can add them to your shelf if you choose.

Shelves are by far one of the best features on the site. You can categorize your entire library and put books you want to read on your ‘to-read’ shelf. These virtual shelves allow you to see what you’ve read and when and also let you keep track of the number of books you’ve read in a year.

You even can read original writing for free because many people post their own writing on the site to gain feedback and advice on how to improve. Anyone can join this site for free and fall in love with not just a book, but a book site as well.

Kaitiln Gillespie is a sophomore at Western Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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