Josh Parker follows in his father’s footsteps

Josh Parker / Photo submitted

Commentary by Michaela King
Times-News correspondent

   Josh Parker was introduced to music at an early age and began playing guitar in his early teens.
“I want people to see my love for God and hear his love in the music. The guitar is my voice,” said Josh, who is the son of Southern gospel music artist Ivan Parker.
The Parkers were in Burlington recently for a holiday concert at Burlington Christian Academy.
Josh ended up going to college for music. After graduating, he asked if he could join his dad on stage, and, for almost two years now, that’s exactly what he has been doing. This past August, Josh released his first guitar instrumental CD.
The Parkers go on stage with a purpose, that is, to give others a sense of hope.
“A lot of people forget that they can still have joy, even in the tough times,” Ivan said. “It’s OK to be happy in today’s world, there’s joy to be found in the midst of it all.”
You can feel this sense of hope and encouragement at his performances. Throughout the concert, both Ivan and Josh had a connection with the audience. They got the audience involved, made jokes and just had fun with their fans. They didn’t act like normal celebrities do and that’s what the audience love about them.
“We like to carry the message everywhere we go that there is hope, love and joy in God,” Ivan said.
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 Michaela King is a senior at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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