‘Kindling Muse’ is intense, powerful and uplifting

“The Kindling Muse,” by Chelsey Guy. Copyright 2013, Abbott Press, 377 pages. $17.96.

 Reviewed by Jessica Page
Times-News correspondent

   Mythology has been used in countless young adult novels. But “The Kindling Muse” by Chelsey Guy has blown the definition of paranormal fiction out of the water. It’s full of mystery, love, adventure and twists at every turn to take you into a whole different world.
The main character, Adorabella Flamma, aka Addie, is a compassionate teenager with a heart as big as the sky. She lives in foster care with a kind mother-figure and three boys that she loves like her own brothers.
   Though picked on by one, she is still her sweet self. Reading how she is comforting others and staying positive makes this character admirable. Addie is close to one of the boys, Samuel, and leans on him whenever something goes wrong. Little does she know that he is living with his own demons.
The book starts out with Addie suddenly having a seizure in class. Mysterious and strange things begin to happen to Addie and the people around her. She’s overwhelmed by it and constantly telling herself to stay in control, even when she feels like she cannot. There are fights inside of her that won’t quit and situations that put her in both physical and emotional pain. It’s intense, powerful and sometimes uplifting.
It will put you in an imaginative world that you wish could be real. No doubt, this is a keeper that will be read again and again. Guy is indeed well on her way to becoming a well-known author.

 Jessica Page is a home-schooled graduate and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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