Lenten reflections: Teens & Twenties writers share thoughts and views on Lent


Lent is a time in which people either give up something, or add something positive (such as doing good deeds) to their lives for 40 days (ending on Easter Sunday).

This is in recognition of the 40 days that Jesus spent preparing for the crucifixion. He spent 40 days in the desert fasting. While there, he lived off of faith and prayer.

* One thing I would like to do for Lent is add more exercise to my daily routine. I would like to start running more. My goal is to run at least 30 minutes or more per day. A secondary goal that I would also like to accomplish is running 1.5 miles during each run.

Exercise is important for your long term health. You need exercise to keep your body in shape, and to also help prevent certain diseases. Without exercise, you are at a higher risk of diabetes, and heart problems. People, who do not exercise regularly, often have heart complications, which can lead to a series of diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to early death.

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I encourage everyone to take care of their bodies to help prevent unnecessary health complications. — Michaela King, freshman home-schooler

* I gave up soft drinks for Lent. I felt like I was becoming too dependent on caffeine and not drinking enough water. I have already noticed a change in my energy! — Kendall Wiggins, sophomore at Western Alamance High School

* I would like to pray to God more often for guidance before I make every decision. Too often, I find myself depending on my own, weak strength. — Kayla Kirkman, freshman home-schooler

* Lent is a time of personal reflection for me. This year, I’m hoping to watch my words a bit more and focusing on sincere thoughts rather than only speaking to speak. — Sabrina Otero, freshman at Western Alamance High School

* For the season of Lent, instead of giving something up, I am buying 40 chickens for families in third world countries. I am also trying to pray more and be a better steward of this world. — Rachel Anne Spencer, home-schooled junior

* This Lent, instead of giving something up, I am tyring to volunteer more than usual. I want to become a better person, and help to improve the lives of others. — Kari Spencer, home-schooled freshman

* Usually at youth group we talk about what Lent is. We usually go around and say if we’re going to either give up something or try to add something like confidence or more focus on school or other reponsibitities. It’s a time for not only me and my youth group but also my family to encourage one another to keep our promise to give up bad food or negative thoughts. It can be a lot of fun and interesting to do because it not only helps you, it helps other see that you can do it. And it feels good to achieve a goal. — Jessica Page, senior home-schooler

* This year for Lent, I have given up all red meat and decided to exercise every day. — Rebecca Herter, sophomore at Hawbridge School 

* For Lent, I have decided to not eat any candy. — Thomas Herter, student at Hawbridge School

* For Lent I gave up eating desserts and I work out for half an hour everyday. — Matt Herter, freshman at Hawbridge School

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