Let Cupid strike heart, not wallet

You don't have to break your budget for Valentine's Day. / Illustration by Metro Creative Graphics

Commentary by Courtney L. Turner
Times-News correspondent

   With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the only thing that’s on everyone’s mind is spending time with their loved one and making that day special. We often get so caught up with love that we overspend. Here are a few ways to save a buck but still show your loved one that you care.
   If you are a great cook, instead of going out and spending money at a restaurant, stay at home and cook a meal. Light some candles, set the table and just enjoy the time spent with each other. Another alternative is to rent a few movies and turn Valentine’s Day into a nice stay-at-home movie day. With the right movies and popcorn, it’s sure to be a success.
If your heart is really set on going to a restaurant, instead of buying two entrées, just buy one dish and eat off the same plate. Or, order a milkshake or dessert and share it.
There is nothing that says “I love you” more than flowers, so either pick up a bouquet or buy a potted plant or his or her favorite flower that can be enjoyed year-round.
If your special someone loves chocolate, drizzle the chocolate on strawberries, bananas, cookies and all types of things.
If your significant other likes a local band, take them out to hear it perform.
Create a photo album of great times and moments spent together as a keepsake. Also, you can create a memory board of things that you have kept from the moment you have been dating up to the present moment.
If teddy bears are something that makes your sweetheart smile, go to Build-A-Bear Workshop and customize your own bear and record the words “I love you” on a device that’s inserted inside the stuffed bear that’s sure to make their day.
Create a jar and fill it with love quotes, and things you enjoy about them. Also take a jar and fill it with things you promise to do.
No matter how you and your loved one decide to spend Valentine’s, remember it’s the thought that counts. Take the time to tell your special person that you love them daily and don’t wait until Valentine’s Day. Remember let Cupid strike your heart, not your wallet.

Courtney L. Turner is a student at Florida A&M State University
and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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