Local teen needs help ‘changing the world’

Reviewed by Sabrina Otero
Times-News correspondent

   Kaitlin Chaney, a junior at Western Alamance High School, is hoping to become a student ambassador through a program called “People to People.”
   This summer, Chaney would travel to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia for 22 days, but she’s in needing of funding. All candidates must pay their way, and Kaitlin knows she’s no exception — she’s been working hard to reach her goal, but despite all of her fundraising efforts, she is still shy of her grand total. 
   Teens & Twenties: Why do you want to be involved with the program?
   Chaney: I really wanted to participate in the program because when people ask me what I would like to be when I grow up (instead of offering the generic answer like firefighter, doctor, or dancer,) I say “role model” because I want to change the world.
      Teens & Twenties: What qualities do you possess that you make you an ideal candidate for People to People’s program?
   Chaney: I’m a very strong leader and I’m an alumni traveler, and I will have more responsibilities because I will be taking care of the other travelers.
   Teens & Twenties: How much have you raised so far and how much are you hoping to raise?
   Chaney: I’ve raised about $5,800 so far and I still have $2,200 left to go until I reach my goal.
   Teens & Twenties: What items are you selling to reach your goal and what are the costs?
   Chaney: I’m selling homemade cookbooks called “Cooking with the Chaneys” for $25 apiece filled with recipes from friends and family.
   Teens & Twenties: Is there a specific reason you would like to travel to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia?  
Chaney: I was able to choose any place I wanted to go, and I decided to choose the path less traveled.
   Readers, would you like to pitch in and help a local teen see her dream realized and score an original cookbook in the process? Then contact Chaney at (336) 693-9457 or email her at: thislullaby12@yahoo.com to inquire more details.

 Sabrina Otero is a sophomore at the Alamance-Burlington Middle College and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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