Make 2013 ‘greener’ than 2012

Commentary by Rachel Anne Spencer
Times-News correspondent

   As this year comes to a close, it is important for us to review and consider the ways we can go green in 2013 and the years to follow. I hope everyone will resolve to go green and will be able to do so successfully thanks to the many resources available these days.
   When I started this writing this column earlier this year, I was surprised by how many creative ways to reuse and repurpose things there were online, in books and even offered through classes and workshops. So many, in fact, that I feel as though I have just scratched the surface of going green.
   If you missed any of my green columns, you can find them online at teens But don’t just stick to what I wrote about. Pursue a greener and more environmentally-conscious life in the New Year. Have a happy, green New Year!

Rachel Anne Spencer is a home-schooled senior and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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