Meet the Flying Platypi

Josh Hutchins and Nick Rosato make up The Flying Platypi. / Abby Redding, Times-News correspondent

By Abby Redding
Times-News correspondent

   ST. LOUIS — North Carolina’s First Robotics Challenge team 2655, The Flying Platypi, which is made up of Josh Hutchins and Nick Rosato, were part of the 2014 World Robotics Competition on April 23-26 at the Edward Jones Dome in Missouri.
Both are both home-schoolers. Hutchins has been part of the First Robotics Challenge team for three years and has been involved with First Lego League for seven years. Rosato has also been part of First Robotics Challenge for three years and has been involved with the First Lego League for six years.
   Teens & Twenties: How has this season been for your team?
Flying Platypi: It has been the best by far.
Teens & Twenties: How many members are on your team?
Flying Platypi: Twenty. Two private, three or four public and the rest are home-schoolers.
Teens & Twenties: Is this the team’s first world competition?
Flying Platypi: No this is our fourth world competition.
Teens & Twenties: Do you enjoy being at world?
Flying Platypi: Yes.
Teens & Twenties: How many awards have you won this year?
Flying Platypi: Only one: The Chairman’s award at the Boilermaker regional at Purdue University in Indiana.
Teens & Twenties: What’s the one thing you could say about being in FRC?
Rosato: The energy is overwhelming and exciting. It’s the nerd heaven.

 Abby Redding is a rising senior home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer, artist and photographer.

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