Meet the Peanuts’ Gang at Kings Dominion

Commentary by Seth Fraser
Times-News correspondent

Love The Peanuts' Gang? Then Kings Dominion's Planet Snoopy is the place to be. / Photo courtesy of Kings Dominion

DOSWELL, Va. — If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer, try Kings Dominion.
Having visited quite a few amusement parks in my time, the multi-themed, atmospherically rich park at Kings Dominion is one of the best I’ve ever visited.
Calling itself “the perfect family destination location in the Mid-Atlantic region,” Kings Dominion has a variety of themed areas and rides, from jungle and desert expeditions to Area 51 and Old Virginia. All of these themes are a feast for the eyes, well-constructed, vast and expansive. And this year, “Planet Snoopy” is new and improved, providing a host of kid-friendly rides. In order for guests to explore Kings Dominion, free maps are provided. The park is clean and well-maintained.
My favorite ride in the park was the “Flight of Fear,” a thrilling roller coaster ride contained in a large, gray-walled building, devoid of much external fanfare or decoration. Upon entering the barely lit building, guests are greeted with static-filled warnings concerning the “radiation levels” and “ongoing hazardous tests.” Walking through the dark corridor, guests might be scared by the fake aliens and monsters lurking under flickering strobe lights. After an intimidating walk, guests enter into an “alien spaceship” and wait in line. To further add to the eerie, sci-fi atmosphere of the ride, the coaster, after completing its journey of fast loops and corkscrews through the all-but-pitch-black building, returns empty…very creepy.
Well-designed themes with fitting music to match the decorum make a complete package at Kings Dominion. And take your swimsuit as there is a water park to enjoy as well.
Kings Dominion was a fun experience, and is conveniently located off Exit 98 on Interstate 95, 20 miles north of Richmond, Va. For more information, tickets and hours of operation visit

 Seth Fraser is a rising sophomore at Burlington Christian Academy and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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