Moore Family Band’s debut CD is musically masterful

Reviewed by Logan A. White
Times-News correspondent

   Salt and Light: The Moore Family Band has just released its first, self-titled album, and it’s definitely a treat. Like a box of gourmet chocolates, the CD has a tantalizing variety of bluegrass sounds and styles.
The album opens with “Pray for the Fish,” a standout tune that was originally a gospel song by country artist Randy Travis. Kyndal Moore’s unique, soulful vocals really make the song. “Mom’s Song,” written by their mother, Tanya Moore, and sung by Morgan Moore, is a slower, meditative song with beautiful harmonies. “Dyer Store Road,” the album’s only instrumental, is a duet between mandolin and fiddle, with tasteful bass in the background. Norah Moore makes her vocal debut with the band in “Kneel Down and Pray,” a simple song sung with deep meaning.
   Personal favorites are “Brand New Heartache” and “I Call Your Name.” However, “One Way Track,” a duet sung by Parker and Garrett Moore, is the CD’s true jewel. It showcases all of the Moores’ talents in their prime. Daniel’s virtuoso fiddling and Morgan’s guitar solo are two of the track’s notable moments. Garrett brings the perfect edge to the melody with a voice beyond his years.
Managed by their father, Dan Moore, Salt and Light produces high-caliber tunes on every track. All of the songs are musical masterpieces on their own and altogether, the CD is a bluegrass must-have. Fans of all genres will enjoy the Moore Family Band: it’s the perfect mix of energy, musicality and skill.
The Moores are currently working on their website,, and CDs will be available online soon. Currently the album can be purchased at live shows for $10 each. Or, as Parker Moore put it, “You’ve got to come see us to get the CD.”

   Logan A. White is a sophomore home-schooler and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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