Moving out … Make that list and check it twice when stocking your dorm room

When preparing to move into the dorm room for the first time, make sure you have a few “creature comforts,” but don’t forget necessities, either. / Photo illustration by Kaitlin Gillespie / Times-News correspondent

Commentary by Briona Kiser and Kaitlin Gillespie
Times-News correspondents

   With the fall, for many comes the first big move to college. With so much change for recently graduated high-schoolers, it is easy to forget things along the way, especially while packing.
Included here is a list of many commonly overlooked dorm room items freshmen may want to make note of during that first big move.
We compiled these through upcoming freshmen, current college students and their parents.

Ice pack
Social security card
Insurance card
Birth certificate
Sealable microwave containers
First aid kit

Shower flip-flops
Folding chair
School supplies
Hooks (over the door, on the wall)
Hand vacuum
Spare car key
Tool kit
Furniture sliders
Tape measure
Chip clips
Can opener
Step stool
Light bulbs
Extention cords
Clorox wipes
Air freshener
Hand sanitizer
Cough syrup
Ear plugs
Quarter rolls (parking meters, laundry machines)
Cleaning supplies
Space saving bags
Check book
Bathing suits
Ziploc® bags
Multilayer hangers
Bathroom rug
Can opener
Cork board
Full length mirror
Shoe organizer
Sewing kit
Electrical cord
Surge protector
Spare bed sheets

Briona Kiser is a rising freshman at UNC-Charlotte. Kaitlin Gillespie is a rising freshman at Western Carolina University. Both are Teens & Twenties writers.

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